Televisistar Catalog ; Terms and Agreements for BtoB or wholesale orders:


Minimum order value :

For first time customers of Televisistar Catalog, the minimum order value is $1000. For our pants and clothing we ask a minimum quantity of 15 pieces per design.

For our merchandise (like jewellery or bags) we have a minimum order of 5 pieces per product.

Wholesale BtoB pricing:

All prices are listed in US dollars. Our wholesale prices do not include shipping.

Because all our products are one of a kind pieces, all wholesale prices will vary per garment.


Estimate costing for our pants:

  1. Our classic corduroy and denim pants cost between $52 and $55 wholesale.
  1. Our classic cargo pants cost between $55 and $60 wholesale.
  • Any 24 piece embroidery of our Vx1 logo, or any other Televisistar logo will be subject to $10 charge per pant.
  • If you wish to embroider your own custom logo and design to our pants, we charge a flat fee of $50. This is a onetime charge only. Any further orders in the future using your custom logo will be free of charge.
  • Any special request to change our pattern or sizing will be subject to a flat fee of $50. This is a one-time charge only. Any further orders using your custom pattern and sizing will be free of charge.

**Please note this is an estimate and prices may change depending on fabric and design** . We also produce vests and other product, which also vary in cost depending on fabric and design.


Payment :

Once order is placed, we will request a 50% down payment on your order. Once your order is complete, the remaining 50% is to be paid before shipping.

 For wholesale orders we only except payments via TransferWise or Bank Transfers]. We do not accept payments via PayPal, as the fees are much too high.  

Order production time :

maximum production time is 2 - 3 months from when payment is received. This may vary depending on the order quantity and the complexity of design.

Shipping :

Shipping is not included in the cost of the goods.

Shipping cost will depend on the weight of your order. All customers are free to arrange and choose their preferred method of shipping. 

We are also happy to ship your order for you. At Televisistar Catalog, we have our own DHL Business account, where we have a better special freight rate, than our local Indonesian post. We ship internationally/ worldwide. Estimate shipping time is 5-8 business days.

Shipping via Televisistar DHL account:

All payments for shipping need to be paid on the day shipment leaves DHL Bali.